Smart Enterprise Devotes to Hygiene Products Globalization

As a company servicing for global markets, Bingbing has 21 years of rich experience in hygiene products industry, and is during the period of rapid development. Bingbing provide our customers with a wide range of sanitary raw materials and fashion,cost-effective and good performance personal care products,which can be customized according to your needs.

Comply with the quality standards of Global Fortune 500 enterprises .

Bingbing has cooperated with multiple famous brands from over 80 countries and have customized 20+ brands. Bingbing Group has mastered the strength quality control system matching with Global Top 500 company standard. All of our products meet international standards , such as FDA, GOTS, CE, ISO9001, SGS, ITS, FSC, MSDS, etc.

Strength R&D Capability

We owns over 100 R&D patents, high standard 10,000 Class laboratory, medical grade production qualification, thousands of product categories and One-stop service.

High-efficiency Production Capacity

We have more than 10 production lines with an annual production capacity of more than 4 billion pieces. We continue to set up top machines and equipment to ensure advanced technology and efficient production capacity, in order to meet customer needs in the fastest delivery time.

R&D Capability

Bingbing’s R&D team never stand still, they keep on studying the latest market trends and developments. We continue to make the product innovation and have got over 100 R&D patents,


The best proposal for exclusive customized demand is available for each customers.

Production Capacity

Committed to cooperate with customers to develop differentiated and popular products in the market and enhance brand competitiveness.

Industry Innovation

Focused on cooperate with customers to achieve win-win policy. Bingbing is always looking for new ways to upgrade technology and equipment to ensure continuous product innovation.

Are you interested in natural and eco-friendly products?

We have the capability to use natural ingredient and raw material to produce hygiene products.

We maintain a high sense of environmentally friendly responsibility, our products are made of raw materials from biodegradable and environmentally friendly natural plant fibers, and for this reason, we have developed a number of patent formulations, in order to reduce the waste and pollution of white waste to earth resources.


Sustainable Development

Making sustainable living within reach

What we want to do is not only reducing harm, but also doing more good things for the earth and society . We also want to act on the social and environmental problems facing the world.

Under the guidance of sustainable business strategy, we are actively promoting the policy and exploration of green sustainable development.

Bingbing's sustainable development mission:

Bingbing's sustainable development mission:

We advocate "Bingbing gives you a green and healthy life". Realizing "green raw materials", "green formula", "green technology", "green manufacturing" and "green products"

So as to lead the "green revolution" of the hygiene product industry and protect the sustainable development of the earth's ecology.