About Bingbing Group

Serving markets all over the world, we not only provide our good performance products, but also our strength supply chain.

World's Leading Manufacturer of High Quality Hygiene Products

Since 2001, Bingbing Group has been focusing on one-stop service integrating R&D, production, QA and delivery in health care products industry.

As a company with 21 years of rich experience in hygiene products industry and during rapid development period, Bingbing provide customers with the most professional proposal and solution of hygiene products. We have more than 10 production lines with an annual production capacity of more than 4 billion pieces. So as we can become one of the long-term business partner with Global Fortune 500 company.

Extensive International Certification

Why choose us?

over 100 R&D patents

Thousands of mature product proposals, we can realize customers’ any ideas and needs.

Global Top 500 suppliers of raw materials

We join hands with the world's famous raw material suppliers to meet the requirement of product quality assurance and the latest material development.

Professional service team, quickly respond

Bingbing will serve as your partner, jointly committed to your product development needs and market development, and ultimately achieve higher return on investment for our both sides.

promoting the green sustainable development

Bingbing's products have been certified as degradable patent, it reduces white waste pollution for the earth.

BingBing Modern Workshop

Highest Grade Clean Workshop

In strict accordance with the highest international standard clean workshop, to ensure product quality and safety.

4 Billion Pads Output Yearly

We have more than 10 of the most advanced speedy production lines in the world, which can quickly produce qualified products to meet the requirements of any order.

8000+ Mature Formula

35 professional R&D team, more than 20 years of technology precipitation, more than 8000 mature formula,available personalized customization service.

Customers All Over the World

BingBing has cooperated with multiple famous brands from over 80 countries and have customized 20+ brands.

BingBing has cooperated with multiple famous brands from over 80 countries and have customized 20+ brands.

100% Degradable Certified Ingredient
/ / Plant-based material/ /Biodegradable material/ /Compostable material/ /
Environmentally Friendly, Degradable and Compostable
Naturally degradable within 216 hours
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