Anion Sanitary Napkin


 Type: Ultra thin
 Surface: Perforated/Soft non woven
 Time Used: Day/Night/Liner
 Model Number: J245G/J29G/J155G/BE290/BE330/BE155
 Length : 150mm/180mm/240mm/290mm/330mm/360mm/410mm
 Absorbency: 10ml/80ml/100ml/150ml/180ml/200ml
 Inner Packing : Individually wrapped
 Special technology : Anion chip
 Certifications : FDA, SGS, ITS, CE, GOTS, ISO9001

Anion Sanitary Napkin

Anti-bacteria Anion to Reduce Vaginitis

Anion pads with anion antibacterial technology
can release anions to make women regularize pressure and relieve fatigue,
Super soft topsheet layer , gently care for sensitive skin.

Keep Away from Harmful Bacteria

Anti-bacteria Rate > 90%

Anion sanitary napkins contained high-tech cores, can release over 6000 /cm3 anions. It can effectively enhance the vitality of the female immune and reproductive systems to inhibit the breeding of bacteria which cause colpitis and awesomely prevent vaginal itching.

Say Good-Bye to Smell

Anions that the sanitary napkins release can adsorb odor molecules in the air and float to the height that people can’t smell. So we could not smell weird odor anymore. At the same time, the anion sanitary napkin is breathable to dilute the odor for reducing the odor again.


The anion pad surface with V-hole designed keeps the pad dry for up to 8 hours. And breathable backsheet film can remove residual moisture simultaneously for long-lasting comfort.

Powerful Absorption

Japanese SAP, uniform distributed in sanitary napkins’ air-laid papers, can absorb liquid for up to 150ml. Once absorbed, these liquids will be tightly locked by SAP and can’t backflow.

Care from 9 Layers

Quality Assureance Escort

Product Information

Type:Ultra thin
Surface:Perforated/Soft non woven
Time Used:Day/Night/Liner
Model Number:J245G/J29G/J155G/BE290/BE330/BE155
Absorbency :10ml/80ml/100ml/150ml/180ml/200ml
Inner Packing:Individually wrapped
Special technology : Anion chip
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