Bloodstain Reduction Sanitary Napkins


 Type: Standard
 Surface: Natural organic cotton
 Time Used: Day/Night/Liner
 Model Number : BO24/BO29/BO15
 Length: 150mm/180mm/240mm/290mm/330mm/360mm/410mm
 Absorbency : 10ml/80ml/100ml/150ml/180ml/200ml
 Inner Packing : Individual wrapper
 Special technology:Bloodstain reduction
 Certifications: FDA, SGS, ITS, CE, GOTS, ISO9001

Bloodstain Reduction
Sanitary Napkins

No leakage of menstrual blood

The menstrual blood dispersing technology keeps the skin fresh, reduces the residual menstrual blood
on the surface,and reduces the breeding of bacteria. Fit body curve design, instant absorption of menstrual
blood,no leakage, no sticky.Fit the body curve design, the instantaneous absorption of menstrual blood does
not leak goodbye to sticky.

Instant Absorption of Menstrual Blood, No Leakage

Rapid Absorption No Creasy

The advanced surface layer “occult blood without trace” technology can reduce the residue of menstrual blood on the surface layer, reduce the breeding of bacteria, and quickly absorb and refuse stickiness.

Super Soft Double Carding

Selected super soft double combed cotton, single layer material, double layer effect, soft and skin-friendly without irritation.

Air Sensing Double Guide Layers

Unique air sense double ADL channel design, accelerate liquid diffusion conduction.

Ultra Thin to 0.1cm, Strong Absorption

Japanese SAP in the sanitary napkin has super water absorption for up to 100ml for daytime and 120ml for overnight, so even heavy periods also can help you feel more comfortable, no leaks.

Keep away from Sultry heat, Dry and Breathable

Continue to exhaust hot, Keep dry and breathable.

Care from 9 Layers

Quality Assureance Escort

Product Information

Surface:Natural organic cotton
Time Used:Day/Night/Liner
Model Number:BO24/BO29/BO15
Inner Packing:Individually wrapped
Special technology:Bloodstain reduction
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