CBD Sanitaty Pad Natural Hemp Anti-bacterial


 Type: Standard
 Surface: Cotton and linen surface layerS
 Time Used: Day/Night/Liner
 Length: 150mm/240mm/290mm/330mm/360mm/410mm
 Absorbency : 10ml/80ml/100ml/150ml/180ml/200ml
Packing :
 Individually wrapped
 Certifications : FDA, SGS, ITS, CE, GOTS, ISO9001

CBD Sanitaty Pad Natural Hemp Anti-bacterial

Naturally Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic odor control

Soft and breathable cotton topsheet, 20% cotton and
linen includedKing of natural hemp fiber, 3 times better
than pure cotton when remove moisture and sweat.
Keep dry and breathable. Natural and comfortable.

Biodegradable pad changes the world

Natural hemp anti-bacterial

Natural hemp anti-bacterial Natural hemp fiber, super anti-bacterial,Naturally anti-bacterial,hypoallergenic,odor control.

Soft and breathable Skin-friendly

Cotton and linen surface layer, delicate touch, cotton soft non-woven fabric is soft and breathable, and it absorbs quickly backflow, reducing the contact time of liquid and skin, and it is skin-friendly and soft to reduce friction

Cotton and linen surface layer

Cotton and linen surface layer, original ecological long-staple fiber, unique air permeability, not stuffy

Super absorption & keeping dry

Super absorption, instant absorption, water absorption factor, water absorption while firmly locking water, low reverse osmosis after absorption

Streamlined design no side leakage

The polylactic acid surface layer is weakly acidic. Its PH value is between 5-7, and it is very close to the human skin PH. It can maintain the micro-environment of women’s private parts and control odors.

Care from 9 Layers

Quality Assureance Escort

Product Information

Topsheet:Cotton and linen surface layer
Time Used:Day/Night/Panty Liner
Backsheet Film:Biodegradable
Individually Wrapper:Biodegradable
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