Non Woven Sanitary Napkins


 Type: Ultra thin
 Surface: Soft non woven
 Time Used: Day/Night/Liner


 Low quality/Medium quality




 Length: 150mm/180mm/240mm/290mm


 Absorbency: 10ml/80ml/100ml




 PE Individual wrapper


 Pure cotton topsheet & Green silver ion chip
 Certifications: FDA, SGS, ITS, CE, GOTS, ISO9001

Non-Woven Sanitary Napkins

Always Dry, Always Comfortable

Non-woven sanitary napkin,
which absorbs liquid instantaneously with accelerated speed.
No friction, no leaks, only gentle care.

Freestyle! All-in-One Sanitary Napkins Are Right Here!

Rapid Absorption

The non-woven surface of sanitary napkins has more than 50 breathable venting holes per cubic centimeter to accelerate liquid penetration. And 10ml liquid could be absorbed within 2.81 seconds that is tested. so even the heaviest flow can also be quickly absorbed, then firmly locked in.

9 Layers, 1mm Ultra Thin Thickness

The thickness is only 0.1cm, but non-woven sanitary napkins series have nine layers, which are adopted the mature technology to achieve 360° of leakage protection. There is no feeling of swelling and heavyness even in the heaviest flow.

Long Lasting Dry for Whole Night

100000+ venting holes on the sanitary napkin surface can continuously exhale moisture. At the same time, the backsheet film is also special designed to eliminate extra moisture, which really keeps you away from the menstrual sultry.

Care from 9 Layers

Quality Assureance Escort

Product Information

Type:Ultra thin
Surface:Soft non woven
Time Used:Day/Night/Liner
Quality Classification:Low quality/Medium quality
Model Number:M240/M280/M155/FM290FM155/MN240/MN280/MN155
Inner Packing:PE Individual wrapper
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