Organic Cotton Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin


 Type: Standard
 Surface: Natural organic cotton
 Time Used: Day/Night/Liner
 Model Number : BO24/BO29/BO15
 Length: 150mm/180mm/240mm/290mm/330mm/360mm/410mm
 Absorbency : 10ml/80ml/100ml/150ml/180ml/200ml
 Inner Packing : Individual wrapper
 Special technology: Biodegradable films
 Certifications: FDA, SGS, ITS, CE, GOTS, ISO9001

Organic Cotton Biodegradable
Sanitary Napkins

Better for your Health and our Earth

Welcome to ‘biodegradable’ world!
The biodegradable pad is innovated
to protect our earth away from ‘plastic pollution’.

Biodegradable Pads Change the World

Biodegradable within 216 Hours

BINGBING has developed a kind of biodegradable material that is harmless to the human body, and this material is used in sanitary pad’s backsheet film and individual wrapper to be biodegradable easily within 216 hours (under the light and oxygen conditions).

100% Organic Cotton For Sensive Skins

Organic cotton sanitary napkins is barely touch feeling. 100% natural organic cotton, chlorine free and chemicals free with hypoallergenic, is covered the whole sanitary napkin surface, including wings and the leak proof separation edges.

Organic Cotton


Two-Way Tiny Venting Hole

The dense tiny holes in the surface can be long-lasting breathable. And the biodegradable backsheet film is used advanced technology to remove residual heat and moisture to keep comfort for hours.

High Absoption Japan SAP to Block Liquidole

Japanese SAP’s water absorbency can be up to 80ml then lock in tightly, the liquid won’t be backflow to keep pad surface dry. Also you don’t have to worry about side leakage even the heaviest flow.

Care from 9 Layers

Quality Assureance Escort

Product Information

Surface:Natural organic cotton
Time Used:Day/Night/Liner
Model Number:BO24/BO29/BO15
Inner Packing:Individually wrapped
Special technology:Biodegradable films


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