Sustainable Development

Making sustainable living within reach

What we want to do is not only reducing harm, but also doing more good things for the earth and society . We also want to act on the social and environmental problems facing the world.

Under the guidance of sustainable business strategy, we are actively promoting the policy and exploration of green sustainable development.

Our Sustainable Development Mission:

We advocate "Bingbing gives you a green and healthy life".

We advocate "Bingbing gives you a green and healthy life". Realizing "green raw materials", "green formula", "green technology", "green manufacturing" and "green products"

So as to lead the "green revolution" of the hygiene product industry and protect the sustainable development of the earth's ecology.

We maintain a high degree of environmentally friendly responsibility, our products are made of raw materials from biodegradable and environmentally friendly natural plant fibers, in order to reduce the waste and pollution of earth resources.

Our International Certifications

Our Cetification

Our Sustainable Development Efforts

Manufacturing Practice ​

Material Purchase

Biodegradable R&D Innovation

Maintain Change in a Balanced Ecology

In the hygiene product industry, we are committed to strengthening our advanced manufacturing process and R&D innovation, using more green and biodegradable raw materials to help reduce the environmental pollution of the earth's white waste.